December 26

A Pro Website That Increases Visitors & Makes Business Easier

A Pro Website That Increases Visitors & Makes Business Easier


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DIY Efforts Created More Confusion

The Financologist needed a website to showcase what she does best. Like most solopreneurs, she had struggled creating concise messaging and building a website she loved using freelancers and her own DIY know-how. So, she decided to get professional help by hiring Built by LoveⓇ.

“It was difficult to create my own website. You think you have it, because there are a lot of templates and Fiverr and other things that make making your own website “easy” to do. But it’s good to have a professional outside source, otherwise, the feedback is very scattered and difficult and it’s just another thing you have to do as a business owner. Even if you can do it yourself, it doesn't mean you should. As your own judge it's hard to be concise.”

Marcia Santos Sadler, The Financologist


Creating Super Concise Messaging

The first step we took with The Financologist was to dial in her messaging. Because she is a Financial Life Manager, she does much more than just simple advising. The challenge came in narrowing down the most important elements of her work.

“The website really started to take shape, as opposed to me just wanting to spew out everything that I do, which is what a lot of people end up doing! ‘I do this and that and that and this.’”

Marcia Santos Sadler, The Financologist

We achieved this by focusing on her ideal buyers, pinpointing their biggest problems and the creative, unique solutions that The Financologist could provide. We then laid out this concise messaging in an innovative website format that takes the visitor through their own internal dialogue. First, we laid out the primary problems that the target audience is experiencing.

We made sure to provide the solution to those problems and pains. We also addressed what life could be like on the other side of financial worries with the help of The Financologist. In doing so, we painted a picture of success that spoke to both logic and emotion, while keeping the messaging as simple and straightforward as possible. 

Of course, we made sure to back everything up with social proof and description of how easy it is to work with The Financologist to achieve their goals. Intuitive design and complementary images reinforced the copy, strengthening the effect of the messaging.


A Website Worth Visiting Plus an Easy, Enjoyable Process

The Financiologist now has the ability to reach more clients and grow her business with a beautiful website with clear, concise messaging. Not only is she receiving more visitors to her new site than ever before, she had a wonderful experience getting it done.

“This is the second month I’m in, and already I’m getting exponential visitors to my site. Building a website with you was easy. In the beginning I was nervous, because I heard a lot of [agencies] don’t hit their due dates; for me, one of the most important things, aside from getting the messaging right, was getting the work produced on the due dates. But sure enough, I would hear from the team a couple days before each date. It creates such trust! I got a lot of joy out of working with Built by LoveⓇ — it was refreshing!”

Marcia Santos Sadler, The Financologist

Success Requires a Blueprint

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