January 11

Hinkle Hardscapes Lead Generation PLUS

Hinkle Hardscapes Lead Generation PLUS


Hinkle Hardscapes, a hardscaping business serving the Kansas City Metro Area, provides homeowners with beautifully designed outdoor living environments so they can entertain friends and family in a gorgeous space everyone loves.

They came to us with a few issues...


Dismal Ad Performance & Lead Generation

First, they lacked a solid lead generation campaign.
They had fantastic products, amazing service and several happy customers they won through word-of-mouth, but they weren’t showing this off in any meaningful way. Prospects were unable to envision the transformation that Hinkle Hardscapes could provide them.

Second, their advertising wasn’t providing any ROI.
They had tried several strategies with dismal returns and were at a loss of what to try next.

Third, the Hinkle team lacked a solid sales pipeline and their existing campaigns were disconnected and ineffective.

They had some automated emails set up, but nothing in the way that would nurture prospects and existing customers.


New Ads, New Lead-Generating Assets and a Complete Strategy

New Ad Strategy:

Our Ad expert recommended testing a new Max Conversions bidding strategy for Hinkle’s Google Ad Campaigns, leveraging the copy skills of our team. We tied their ad strategy in with the creation of 5 Case Studies, which our team created.

5 Lead-Generation Case Studies & 5 Landing Pages:

Our team created 5 Case Studies for lead capture use. Creation included copywriting and design of the downloaded assets and associated landing pages


More Conversions & Decreased Costs

Hinkle Hardscapes began seeing results right away with the complete marketing system build-out, lead-generating assets and focused ad strategy.

Internally, they reported a clearer production path for their team which resulted in better communication, more efficiency is their projects, and happier customers.

They also experienced huge wins with our lead-generating assets and new Google Ad Strategy. Not only did they generate more leads with valuable materials, this new strategy increased conversions and decreased costs overall:

+15% INCREASE in conversions

- 20% DECREASE in cost per conversion

Success Requires a Blueprint

If you’re tired of lackluster results from your marketing endeavors, you’re not alone.
We can help.
It starts with our proven, proprietary process — the Marketing RAMP®, or Responsive Automated Master Plan.
This covers everything you need to leverage your prospects’ real-life customer journey for repeatable sales and success.
First, we focus on getting you a crystal-clear strategy that uncovers all aspects of your customer’s journey.
Then, we build it. You can either do it yourself or hire us to do all or part of the work for you. Whatever you choose, we have your marketing needs covered — copy, design, automation, ads, and strategy are all in our wheelhouse.
This means less work for you, plus marketing results you’ll love with an agency you love.
Schedule your free consult today and we’ll create your roadmap to scalable success.

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