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Brand Overhaul that Avoids “What Everyone Else is Doing”

Brand Overhaul that Avoids “What Everyone Else is Doing”


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Brand Overhaul Averts “What Everyone Else is Doing”

Helping an all-ages gym with a unique offering stand out with fresh design and storytelling.

Fundamental Fitness is a CrossFit Gym near New Orleans, Louisiana. Started by a married couple with deep community roots, “FunFit” was different from a lot of other gyms. First, they were focused on the team-building, community oriented aspects of working out with others. Second, they had a special CrossFit Kids program to make going to the gym more accessible for families, and make it easier for kids to start associating a healthier lifestyle with fun.





An Outdated Website During a Time of Market Saturation

When the owners of Fundamental Fitness reached out to Built by Love, they were looking for a complete overhaul of their brand, including new logo, website and a marketing strategy to attract new members.

At the time (and still now), CrossFit gyms were growing in popularity and reaching market saturation. Funfit needed sharp messaging and design to help them show their unique value apart from the typical “box” gyms and to attract and engage prospects who would benefit from their unique approach.


Approachable, User-Friendly Website With Storytelling & Fresh Design

Clarifying Their Unique Services & Benefits

Because Fundamental Fitness is a different kind of CrossFit gym, one that is focused on acceptance, community and family support, we used approachable messaging that answered questions swiftly and simply, while overcoming common objections.

Most gym websites do not include any information about the owners and coaches — often just showing intense, black-and-white stock images of a ripped person looking fierce.  We took a different approach: we told the story of the owners/main coaches and we used images of real members.

We made sure to highlight their CF Kids program on the homepage, as well as dedicate an entire page to the program. As busy parents themselves, the owners wanted potential members to know they could depend on FunFit to support parents and help guide their kids to a healthier way of life, too.

Getting-Them-In-the-Door Lead Generation

The biggest challenge facing gyms (and all brick-and-mortar business owners) is getting leads in the door. Once someone comes in for a tour and meets the owners, the likelihood of someone signing up increases by tenfold. But generating enough leads to take the tour is the key.

We designed their site to make it easy for potential members to know exactly where to start with clear “Start Here” buttons throughout. The “Start Here” page succinctly laid out what to expect and how to do it, using fun, yet to-the-point copy. The “Start Here” page was also designed with ads in mind, and is fully equipped to work as a landing page.


Equipped With Everything Needed For a Fresh Face Forward

Now, potential members of Fundamental Fitness can visit a beautiful, fresh and updated website where they can find useful information about how FunFit can help them thrive physically and personally in a positive, community-oriented environment.

With authentic messaging that still keeps the member's needs the focus, the website serves as both a lead generator and qualifier — attracting the members whose needs and wants are in alignment with what FunFit excels at providing, making for smoother experiences for all.

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