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Building Alignment for a Faith-Based Wealth Management Brand

Building Alignment for a Faith-Based Wealth Management Brand


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An Indistinct Brand Lost in the Background

The main problem facing Steward Wealth Strategies was that their messaging did not fit their highly specific target audience and their website was lackluster.

Since the company’s messaging did not speak to anyone in particular, it spoke to no one. If a prospect visited their previous website, there was nothing that communicated Steward Wealth Strategies unique benefits. They looked like “just another wealth management firm,” and a potential client would have no way of knowing what they stood to gain by partnering with them.

“I didn’t love how the site looked and it didn’t reflect what we do as a firm, especially the faith-based aspect of it.

— Allison P. of Steward Wealth Strategies


Discovering & Displaying Unique Benefits Front and Center

First, we needed to clarify the messaging of Steward Wealth Strategies. We did this by taking them through the first steps of our Marketing RAMPⓇ process, which explores their ideal audience in several ways: their demographics, their pain points, their fears, and what it is they value most.

Only after clearly defining their ideal audience needs, wants, and values did we begin to dig into what made Steward Wealth Strategies special. 

More specifically, what made them special to their ideal buyer?

The answers to those questions provided the foundation for the company’s “special sauce;” that is, what made them unique from the competition. And their special sauce is what provided the clarity for their aligned messaging, which we put front and center as we redesigned their website.

We then designed and built a beautiful website with easy-to-use, intuitive functionality. We included an educational lead magnet on “Purpose Driven Planning” that provides the reader with helpful information and a checklist.

By providing value and education from the very beginning, Steward Wealth Strategies immediately demonstrates their knowledge and expertise, naturally building trust with prospects.


A Beautiful Website That Builds Alignment & Trust

Steward Wealth Strategies now has the ability to reach more clients and grow their business with a beautiful website, compelling lead gen, and messaging and design that is wholly aligned with their ideal client.

“It’s a much clearer picture! With the SEO aspect people will find us faster and understand us more easily and quickly. The well-laid out site represents our brand better and will bring in the kinds of clients we’re looking for, both portfolio-wise and people who we’re in alignment with — namely, people who are looking to be generous with their income.”

— Allison P. of Steward Wealth Strategies

Success Requires a Blueprint

If you’re tired of lackluster results from your marketing endeavors, you’re not alone.
We can help.
It starts with our proven, proprietary process — the Marketing RAMP®, or Responsive Automated Master Plan.
This covers everything you need to leverage your prospects’ real-life customer journey for repeatable sales and success.
First, we focus on getting you a crystal-clear strategy that uncovers all aspects of your customer’s journey.
Then, we build it. You can either do it yourself or hire us to do all or part of the work for you. Whatever you choose, we have your marketing needs covered — copy, design, automation, ads, and strategy are all in our wheelhouse.
This means less work for you, plus marketing results you’ll love with an agency you love.
Schedule your free consult today and we’ll create your roadmap to scalable success.

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