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End-to-End Customer Connection with K9 Pet Resorts


End-to-End Customer Connection with K9 Pet Resorts



No Assets to “Show” Instead of “Tell” 

When it comes to dogs and their owners, building trust and rapport with new customers is of utmost importance. Most owners want to see, feel and know everything about a pet boarding house before becoming a customer. While K9 Resorts had a fantastic reputation among those who already knew about their services, they had no way to authentically showcase this trust to new customers. They needed a foundational marketing strategy, educational materials and a way to “show” new customers that they provided next-level luxury pet care, rather than just “telling” them about it.   


Showing the Best of the Best with the Marketing RAMPⓇ

In order to establish K9 resorts with a foundational marketing plan that would meet all their customers needs, our first step was to guide them the Marketing RAMP, also known as Responsive Automated Master Plan. This is a proprietary marketing process based on 7 Pillars of Marketing that addresses every stage in an ideal customer’s path to purchase.  

“The Marketing RAMP is drastically going to change our business for the better. It was incredible having the leadership, insight and knowledge of somebody to take us through step-by-step all of the different things that we will need, and things that we may have not considered.” 

Cassie Gato, Director of Marketing, K9 Resorts

In completing this with K9 Pet Resorts, our team was able to provide them with a complete marketing blueprint, including: 

  • Identifying the needs, wants, fears and desires of their ideal customer base, including VIP clients
  • Crafting their Brand Voice, Elevator Pitch, and Spectrum of Formality to create dialed in messaging that fits the voice and tone their target audience best responds to
  • Mapping the Customer Journey and addressing all possible stages, including a “win back” campaign for new leads that have “fallen off.” By taking into account all possible decision-making routes, we reduced the amount of “cliffs” in their marketing so that no potential customer would be lost.
  • Building the RAMP & writing nearly 100 custom emails, 10+ landing pages, and incorporating intelligent automation for segmentation and follow up. All of this ensures less work for the K9 Resorts team, while providing their customers with end-to-end relevant communication and education.
  • Infusing Points of Delight & Planning the Assets with beautifully designed educational PDFs as well as the production of 10+ videos that showcase the unique benefits of K9 Pet Resorts. Benefits that build undeniable trust, rapport and raving fans.


Keeping Customers Coming Back to K9 Resorts 

With the automated Marketing RAMPⓇ and tens of valuable and educational assets completely built out, K9 Pet Resorts is equipped to communicate with, educate, and surprise and delight their ideal customers at every point in their customer journey. 

In addition, K9 Pet Resorts reported enjoying (and leveraging!)) the extensive knowledge, leadership and insights provided by the team of marketing pros with Built by LoveⓇ. See what their Director of Marketing, Cassie Gato, has to say about their experience:

Success Requires a Blueprint

If you’re tired of lackluster results from your marketing endeavors, you’re not alone.
We can help.
It starts with our proven, proprietary process — the Marketing RAMP®, or Responsive Automated Master Plan.
This covers everything you need to leverage your prospects’ real-life customer journey for repeatable sales and success.
First, we focus on getting you a crystal-clear strategy that uncovers all aspects of your customer’s journey.
Then, we build it. You can either do it yourself or hire us to do all or part of the work for you. Whatever you choose, we have your marketing needs covered — copy, design, automation, ads, and strategy are all in our wheelhouse.
This means less work for you, plus marketing results you’ll love with an agency you love.
Schedule your free consult today and we’ll create your roadmap to scalable success.

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