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How the Better Business Bureau Leveraged Digital Ads for a $90,000 Gain

How the Better Business Bureau Leveraged Digital Ads for a $90,000 Gain


How the Better Business Bureau Leveraged Digital Ads for a $90,000 Gain

Using ad expertise and split testing to give Oklahoma City’s Better Business Bureau a massive boost in conversions.

The Better Business Bureau OKC is a non-profit organization located in downtown Oklahoma City. Founded in 1930, they currently serve over 50 counties in Central Oklahoma, helping to boost business reputation, build trust in communities, and resolve disputes between consumers and businesses. 

Despite the historical name recognition of the Better Business Bureau, BBB OKC had been struggling to grow. They started looking for help and that’s when they found Built by LoveⓇ.


Slump in Growth & Lack of Leads

While businesses in the Central Oklahoma area were booming, BBB OKC was experiencing a lack of leads and a slow-down in businesses seeking accreditation. While they knew there was power in online advertising to acquire new customers, whenever they approached it, they encountered challenges most businesses run into. They were:

UNCERTAIN about where or how to start

UNCLEAR about which marketing channel they should use (Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram?)

CONFUSED by continually changing rules and algorithms of ad platforms

WORRIED they’d just be dumping money into a void and simply getting “vanity” clicks


Multi-Channel, Data-Backed Strategy

Defining Ideal Audience

In order to know which channels would work best for Oklahoma City’s Better Business Bureau, we really dug into their ideal customer. Too many businesses leap right into creating ads without understanding who their target audience really is. This often leads to spending a lot of money to attract the wrong audience who might click, but who never converts.

So, first, we took BBB OKC through STEP 1 of the Marketing RAMP®, our agency’s proprietary marketing process. During STEP 1, also known as “Identifying the Ideal Customer,” we dug into BBB OKC’s ideal buyer which included unearthing their target audience’s specific demographics, interests and previous experiences.

“Doing the Marketing Math”

We also did the marketing math to find their Customer Lifetime Value. By breaking down the length of time a customer stays loyal, and whether or not they repeat purchases, one can calculate exactly what a new customer is worth.

* With BBB OKC, we found that 57% of their newly acquired members stay with them for at least 3 years for an average Customer Lifetime Value of $1500.

With a clear understanding of both their ideal customer and the marketing math, we were much better poised to build a powerful ad strategy.

Multi-Channel Strategy & Retargeting

Understanding BBB OKC’s target audience was critical to knowing which marketing channels would work best to reach them.

We discovered that Google was a better channel for current customers to call and get the support they needed, but Facebook was the best channel to drive new applications. Both channels played their part in this successful multi channel marketing strategy.

Split-Testing and Fine-Tuning for Maximum ROI

If you want to get the best performance out of your ads, you should split test as much as possible, which is exactly what we did for BBB OKC. We tested every level of our ads, including:

Lead forms: We tested and retested what kind of information we requested in our lead forms as well as how we requested it.

Design and copy of the ads: At the end of the day, creative is still king, so we made sure to consistently test new creative for design and copy to see our best performers.

Targeted audience: We tested various audiences for different parts of the funnel, including unique messaging and offers for each one.

* Quality traffic leads to higher quality clicks, which leads to more conversions.


88 New Members to Drive Ongoing Revenue

Our meticulous approach to BBB OKC’s ad strategy paid off in just a matter of months! Not only that, remember when we discussed their marketing math and discovered that acquiring a new customer would be worth much more to them than the single membership fee?

* What that means is the TOTAL REVENUE attributed from our ad program will have a larger impact on their bottom line over the next 3 years, totaling $90,000.

Here are the hard stats we were able to accomplish for BBB OKC in one year:

88 New Accredited Businesses
More than $45,000 in Immediate Revenue
More than $90,000 in Lifetime Revenue

Success Requires a Blueprint

If you’re tired of lackluster results from your marketing endeavors, you’re not alone.
We can help.
It starts with our proven, proprietary process — the Marketing RAMP®, or Responsive Automated Master Plan.
This covers everything you need to leverage your prospects’ real-life customer journey for repeatable sales and success.
First, we focus on getting you a crystal-clear strategy that uncovers all aspects of your customer’s journey.
Then, we build it. You can either do it yourself or hire us to do all or part of the work for you. Whatever you choose, we have your marketing needs covered — copy, design, automation, ads, and strategy are all in our wheelhouse.
This means less work for you, plus marketing results you’ll love with an agency you love.
Schedule your free consult today and we’ll create your roadmap to scalable success.

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