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Website REVAMP for Take Control

Website REVAMP for Take Control


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Website REVAMP for Take Control

Showcasing the benefits of Montana’s premier health coaching solution with fresh design and approachable messaging.

Take Control is a proven health coaching organization in Missoula, Montana that works to improve the health of employees enrolled in health management plans and other individuals. Whoever Take Control is working with, their trained, licensed, and compassionate health coaches provide meaningful results on all levels trained, licensed and compassionate health coaches provide meaningful results on all levels, from costing savings on health insurance plans to visible results to members.




Industry Skepticism & Multiple Audiences

Because Take Control helped both employers and individuals, one of the biggest challenges to their messaging was confusion about who they serve, and the risk of overgeneralization.

In addition, the health coaching and disease management industry lacks meaningful regulation for accountability, leading to skepticism and doubts. So even though the Harvard Business Review has shown one-on-one health coaching can provide employers with an annual cost savings of $1,113 per participant, the question of “Will you get us results?” is on every client’s mind.


Copy & Design Focused on the Customer Journey

Before beginning on the website, we made sure to drill down on who their two audiences are, their individual pain points, and the specific benefits they would gain by working with Take Control. Once we did that, clarifying the messaging in a way that flowed with the natural customer journey became much easier.

We designed the website to gently guide the audience to self-segment at the very top of the homepage. Each button leads to its own page, sharing super-specific benefits unique to each audience, preventing generalizations in messaging.

In addition to segmenting their two audiences, we needed to speak directly to doubts associated with health and wellness programs. We accomplished this by speaking to both emotions and logic, highlighting the benefits to individuals’ quality-of-life through success stories as well as focusing on data-driven cost benefits for employers.


An Intuitive Website That Soundly Answers the Question “Will We Get Results?”

Take Control now has a beautifully designed website with messaging that will engage their unique audiences to take action. The clear copy, beautiful images, and “success story” testimonials speak to the emotional decision-making part of the brain to spur instant engagement and alignment. And by sharing data-based benefits of Take Control’s individualized approach, we provide a pathway of clear logic that makes it even easier for their audience to take action.

With the health coaching services market poised to grow to $7.85 billion through 2022, Take Control is well-positioned to reach and convert even more of that audience.

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