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A New Product Launch Strategy Garners $40k+ In Sales

A New Product Launch Strategy Garners $40k+ In Sales


A New Product Launch Strategy Garners  $40k+ In Sales

Bringing Stunning Style’s new online course to market to win immediate revenue and set them up for recurring profitability

Stunning Style is the online source for learning everything classic style. Created by fashion icon and educator, April Grow, Stunning Style is known for their seasonal style guides, style courses of all kinds, and their classic style-focused community, the Society.

When April reached out to Built by LoveⓇ in December of 2020, she and her team were busy readying the details of a brand new online course they were creating called, Style Your Silhouette.


Graphic Design
Marketing Strategy
Web Development


No Product Launch Strategy in Place

As Style Your Silhouette continued to grow in scope to become a colossal 2-part course, April realized she would need marketing help if she wanted to successfully launch the new course before the end of the year.

She needed a product launch strategy that would effectively bring awareness to Style Your Silhouette, highlight its unique benefits compared to other “body shape” style courses with lower price points, and of course, spur sign ups and word-of-mouth excitement in the process.

With the end of the year quickly approaching, we moved quickly focusing on two primary needs for the soft launch campaign.

  • Landing Page Design & Development
  • Email Marketing Strategy


Pre-Sell Email Campaign and Eye Candy Assets to Build Hype

Email Launch Sequence to Stand Out During the Holidays

In order to make Stunning Style’s prospects and current customers aware of this new online course, we strategized an email campaign. Stunning Style’s email list was fairly healthy — our job was to ensure that list was leveraged in the right way for the best outcome.

First, we began with an email Hype Sequence to announce the brand new Style Your Silhouette course, AND offer the chance to sign up for a limited-time launch discount. To prevent email fatigue, we kept the emails SHORT, using direct-response copy that would entice readers to click through the landing page where the bulk of information (and the price!) would be.

Some of our high-valuable content emails in the launch sequence included:

  • Details of exactly what the course includes
  • List of FAQs that answered common concerns and objections
  • Testimonials and reviews from people who had gone through other courses
  • “Sneak Peeks” from the course and “urgency” emails

The email marketing campaign lasted for 7 days, passing through Christmas Day. To stay top of mind but provide “space” during this holiday consumer-heavy time we planned the emails to coincide with holiday festivities and provide valuable touch points, but we did not sell a thing on Christmas Day.

High-Converting Landing Page Fit for a Fashion Course

A beautiful landing page is of utmost importance. Not only is the landing page where the bulk of information lies, in this case, the sales page is essentially the face of the online course! If it looks bad or is a bad user experience, the audience will assume the same about the product. Even with a short timeline, it was essential we created a sales page that stood out for all the right reasons.

To show and tell the details of this unique 2-part style course, we created an attractive, style-forward landing page with snappy copy that would entice and engage the audience, while creating alignment with their pain and values.

To ensure the sales page contained all the info someone would need to make a purchase without it getting “too long,” we included a dropdown of FAQs that strategically answered potential objections.


Launch Generated $40,000+ in Revenue

The launch of Style Your Silhouette was a huge success, winning Stunning Style an estimated 250 product purchases with this initial launch alone. Based on the set special launch price of $147 for Course 1 or $397 for Course 1 and 2, these hundreds of initial launch purchases generated anywhere from $40,000 - $120,000 in revenue, PLUS the additional revenue generated by followup Course 2 purchases.

To us, the immediate revenue won for Stunning Style was a huge victory, but the biggest marker of success is that April Grow’s Style Your Silhouette 2-Part Course still exists today and continues to generate recurring revenue. We’re proud to have acted as Stunning Style’s marketing team in this collaborative effort to get her amazing course to market!

250 Course Signups $35,000 - $120,000+ in ongoing revenue

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